Million Kosher Consumers in the World
Get Kosher certification is a great investment
Kosher Certifications are used for thousands of companies from all around the world

Taam Kosher certification

Certify your products with “Taam Kosher” from Vaad HaKashrut Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Kosher World

Having a Kosher Certification gives companies a big competitive advantage in the market.

Halacha Studies

Halachic Studies for Rabbinate and Obtainment of the Semicha in Issur V’heter.


The kosher products market is not relevant only for Orthodox Jews but also for the majority of Adventist, Muslims, Buddhists, Vegetarians and Vegans.

of Quality

When a Company certifies its products as Kosher, it is confirming its intention of producing quality food, willing to submit the manufacturing process to an external agency that inspects and guarantees the product.


For us in “Taam Kosher”, the most important thing is working as a team with our clients where trust comes first and transparency is a cornerstone between both parties, thus achieving optimal teamwork

to certify?

To obtain the Kosher Certification, the first step is to contact us. We will askyou a few questions to determine what kind of products you want to certificate.

Kosher Time


To offer advice and a quality Kosher Certification to all companies that require it. To offer, through our Education Departament “Limudei Halachah”, learning and preparation for Semicha Tests in the Israel Rabbinate and courses related with Kashrut Laws –Mashgiach Kashrut (supervisor), Tevilat Kelim, Maachlei Akum, Kosher Kitchen and more.


The process of transforming to Kosher means to nullify and wipe out the flavors of non-kosher food. When a food is absorbed by other food, we have a nullifying process. We deal with this issue also when it comes to pots, because the taste of different kinds of foods have been absorbed in the walls of the container itself, to be released later the next time the pot is used.

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